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The IME ICC5 discussion list is a closed, moderated list which enables the participants of the 5th IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code and other colleagues interested in the subject to submit and discuss drafts and comments of the conference papers before the conference takes place in August 2007.

Enquiries or problems may be directed to the list moderators.

List moderators

Tienie de Klerk (
Hester van der Walt (
Susan Battison (

To assure that we maximize the time and allow for relevant discussions a list of guidelines for posting message called "Listserv Netiquette" is available; please take the time to review these guidelines.

The official language of the IME ICC5 meeting in Pretoria and this listserv is English. In order to accommodate those that speak French and Portuguese every attempt will be made to issue translations of the messages; however, due to time constraints, this may not always be possible.

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